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What can I do to support Clash?
There are several ways you can support our efforts:
1. Buy stuff that is either advertised or posted on the site. That tells advertisers and producers that their products get noticed on Clash.

2. We have affiliate relationships with Christian Book Distributors (CBD), and Purchases made from our affiliates earn Clash a commission on sales. So, for example, if you buy a DVD from Christian or a book or CD from CBD, Clash gets a commission if you visit their site directly from our site.

3. Send us news and suggestions so we can make this site the best it can be.

4. Teens, we need photos for our Verse of the Day feature. To inquire about submitting photos, use the "Make a Suggestion" link on the left-hand side of the page.

5. Also, if you want to design a masthead, we have a template you can download for that. In both cases, you will receive a credit line for your contribution.

6. Our "View" section now accepts photos and artwork from teens to show your creativity to the world. Contact Clash here to find out more: Make a Suggestion

The best thing anyone can do is tell others about this site. We hope to reach millions of teenagers around the world with excellent entertainment.

Can I donate money to Clash?
No. Clash Entertainment, Inc. is a for-profit corporation. We established this site in that way so we would not have to solicit donations, and could instead provide a service that would be deemed worthy of support by our advertisers. You can help this cause by letting our advertisers know you learned about them on Clash. Also, you can purchase ad space. We would be happy to send you a Media Kit.

Also, let others know about Clash. The more visitors to the site, the more we can charge for advertising. ;-)

How can I get my book/movie/game/comic reviewed on Clash?
For books: contact our book reviewers: Novel Teen Book Reviews and Teen Lit Review. They can give you instructions about submitting books for review.
For about anything else: contact Clash at Suggestions

I have a news item that will be of interest to teens. How do I submit that to Clash?
Send news to: News

I am a youth leader. How can I promote Clash to my youth group?
We have a poster that you can print out and hang on the church bulletin board here.
Also, on the right-hand side of this page is a selection of banners and buttons that you can use for links on your web site.

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