Review: "A-Men"

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Review: "A-Men" - PC

Reviewed by Sam for FamilyFriendlyGaming

SCORE: 65/100

Are you a hardcore gamer? Are you looking for an intense video game challenge? If you answered yes to that then A-Men on the Personal Computer (PC) may be for you. This game will challenge even the most hardcore video game veteran. It will frustrate, irritate, and agitate you.

A-Men is also very tongue in cheek in its characters. Certain stereotypes are alive and well in A-Men. This game has nothing to do with the word we use at the end of prayers either. Quite the opposite since this groups is trying to cover up one of their mistakes. These six A-Men do not want to take responsibility for their actions.

The characters in A-Men are some of the most worldly I have ever come across. They celebrate their system of beliefs that come along with bad language, drugs, bad attitudes, rude behavior, crude behavior, and violence. A-Men can easily increase aggression levels.

PC gamers will need to keep their hands busy all over the keyboard thanks to the controls of A-Men. I tried to get the Family Friendly Gaming PC controller set up with A-Men. Unfortunately the game locked up every time I tried to open the Options menu. It also locked up when I clicked with the mouse during a loading screen.

Players need to solve levels in A-Men in a specific order. Do this, turn on that switch, grab this weapon, blow up that bridge, etc. Deviating from the required actions will result in death. The cerebral part of A-Men is finding out what the right order is.

Graphics: 60%

Sound: 60%

Replay/Extras: 85%

Gameplay: 60%

Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Personal Computer

Publisher: Bloober Team

Developer: Bloober Team

Rating: 'T' for Teen {Fantasy Violence, Drug Reference, Mild Language}

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