Jami Smith Releases "VERSE."

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Worship leader Jami Smith is releasing her long-awaited album, written entirely from scripture, VERSE.

Birthed out of Smith’s love for the Word of God and for her newborn daughter, VERSE. is one of Christian music’s most innovative projects. Every single lyric in the album was lifted directly from the Bible. Smith could not be more proud of this work of plagiarism.

Produced by two-time Dove Award Nominee Will Hunt, VERSE. features twelve songs, each written word-for-word from scripture. Jami Smith’s prayer is that every listener will learn more about the Word and more about the Creator through listening to this compilation of melodies. “I want them to come away with twelve new scriptures. How cool is that?” Smith said. In addition to Smith’s characteristically warm vocals VERSE. features Jami Smith’s brother, Ryan Smith, who co-wrote “Arise Shine” and provided vocals for several other songs on the album. Also, for the first time in Smith’s career she is joined by a children’s choir. “Let The Little Children Come” features the wide-eyed voices of a handful of kids. They are the perfect compliment to this inspiring album.

Even veteran song-maker Jami Smith was surprised how challenging VERSE. was to create. Smith said about the lyrics, “Every musician has their process. For me, this was really hard to create a melody that fit with each passage. After all, there’s no adding syllables to the words that God has already crafted!”

Song List:

"Cast Your Cares"

"You Are The Christ"

"Remain In My Love"

"Love Never Fails"

"Give Thanks"

"Shouts Of Joy"


"Love Must Be Sincere"

"Let No One"

"Let The Little Children"

"Arise Shine"

"The Lord's Prayer"

VERSE. is Smith’s fourteenth album. It is an answered prayer for Christ-seekers who want to fill their lives, and their hearts, with His Word. For more information about VERSE. and Smith’s other passions visit

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